Peace Country’s most experienced divorce and separation mediators

  • We provide you with a voice in your separation
  • We only charge a one-time fee. If you require extra visits they are free.
  • We may be able to reach a resolution in just one visit, there is no need to have you come back 3 or 4 times like other mediators.
  • We provide you with assistance in obtaining the immediate assistance of a lawyer following our meeting.
  • We help to streamline and cut costs on expensive drafting fees for your Separation Agreement and/or Divorce & Property Contract.

What Does A Mediator Do?

The mediator helps couples identify the issues that need to be resolved, and guides each through the decision making process. The mediator stays neutral and helps keep negotiations flowing, in order to reach an agreeable resolution for both parties

Divorce & Separation Solutions

Gives couples the option to plan their futures rationally and in an atmosphere of cooperation

At Divorce & Separation Solutions Inc. we strive to achieve conflict resolution and resolve your case without having to go to court


We have recently found that family lawyers in our areas have a 2-5 month waiting list before they are able to meet and assist new clients with their family matters.

At Divorce & Separation Solutions Inc. (DSS) we not only assist you with your separation we also get you in to a lawyer’s office immediately following your mediation.  At DSS we have an advanced professional relationship with local lawyers that allow us to fast track you into their office allowing you to finalize and formalize your separation.


We only gather and focus on the relevant issues that are required in order to reach an agreement, through this process we save you money while at the same time prepare you for the finalization of the process with your respective lawyer.


Once you have completed the mediation process and you have reached a mutually acceptable agreement we immediately get both you and the other party in to see a local collaboratively trained lawyer who will finalize your contract and matter. This is our advantage as other companies fail to make the connection or requirement of obtaining independent legal counsel leaving you in a situation of uncertainty and frustration.

We gather information through the mediation process that allows the lawyers to finalize your agreement at a fraction of the cost.  Our competitors fall short by not obtaining the relevant information required by lawyers leaving you with an agreement that misses the legal issues.