about usAt DSS we understand and appreciate that Divorce and Separation can be an uncertain and intimidating process to go through.  If the process is not handled properly it can lead to disastrous results that can prove to be damaging towards your children, family, and relationship as parents.  At DSS we pride ourselves on providing an all-inclusive approach that guides you and your spouse through this uncertain time.  Through extensive research into the process of Divorce and Separation we have created a unique system that tailors an all-inclusive approach that is both efficient and effective.  Through this approach we have a unique advantage where we are not in competition with other professionals but rather work cooperatively with them to achieve your desired results.

The extensive list of professionals available to DSS  Includes family lawyers, counsellors, child specialists, realtors, real estate and corporate lawyers, business valuators, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, accountants, tax advisors and mediators. Through this cooperative approach our clients will receive the proper guidance and advice to allow them to achieve a fair and just resolution of their separation.   Our goal is always to provide you with the necessary guidance to enable you to make informed decision for your particular situation. We offer an all-inclusive system to help protect what matters the most to you.

At Divorce & Separation Solutions Inc. we strive to achieve conflict resolution and resolve your case without having to go to court.  However, if contentious issues do arise between you and your spouse you can be assured that we will not close your file and send you off to court, instead through network we are able to connect you immediately with local collaboratively trained family lawyers who can immediately assist you resolve your issues through a 4 way negotiation.  This process allows you the certainty that we are going to work with you and your spouse no matter what to reach the end result.  Through interest based negotiation, DSS is focused on seeking exceptional results. We deliver value by using our creative approach to create options and reach solutions to the issues surrounding your separation and/or divorce. We are committed to bettering the lives of those we represent by providing efficient, cost-effective and quality services.

Getting started is quick and easy as we offer free, no-obligation introductory consultations. Whether you have very basic questions about separation and/or divorce or are facing much more complex issues surrounding separation, divorce, child support, custody and access, we are here to help.  We are available during regular work hours, evenings, and weekends when required. All that it takes to get started is to send us a quick email or call to book your free introductory consultation.