How does the safe visitation service work?

  • Once you have called to give your consent to begin safe visitation services, we will inform the other parent. We can only do this if you provide us with the correct, current contact information; we will not track down your former partner.
  • A coordinator from Divorce & Separation Solutions will meet with the parents separately to do an intake.
  • The staff help develop safety measures so that parents do not have contact with one another, allowing them to focus on the best interests of the child.
  • Once both parents are signed into the program, visits are scheduled. Visits must be paid a minimum of 72 hours before the actual visit. To cancel a visit, we must be given no less than 24 hours notice. Any changed or cancelled visit after 24 hours will not be refunded.
  • Visits last 1 hour (unless otherwise specifically requested and arranged), and a staff member is present the entire time. No additional family members and/or related third parties are permitted to attend the visit.
  • Children are not forced to attend visitations; however, we will make every effort to facilitate a positive and safe visit between them and their visiting parent. Staff will intervene in cases where the emotional and/or physical well-being of the child or parent is at risk.
  • All visits take place at an agreed upon visitation site.
  • We will pick up the child from the custodial parent and transport him to the agreed upon visitation site.
  • The staff observe the contact between parent and child and provide support to enable the child to have a positive and safe experience
  • The staff will then return the child to the custodial parent at the end of the scheduled visitation time.
  • Before and after the visit, the agency staff can assist family members in accessing specialized services, such as counselling and parenting support.

How much does it cost?
Our rates are $60.00 per hour and include pick up and drop offs within the Grande Prairie city limits (unless otherwise specifically arranged). Any visits out of town travel rates will apply. There is also an initial $50.00 service fee that covers the intake visits and scheduling fees.

All visits must be paid within 72 hours of service, and we require a 24 hour notice of any cancelations.

How can I find out more?
Please contact the safe visitation services supervisor at:
Phone: 780-259-9057