our advantageThrough DSS we provide an all-inclusive service for your separation and or divorce, saving you considerable time, effort and money. While our competitors only write a “Memorandum of Agreement” and then require you to go off and hopefully retain your own lawyers to formalize that agreement.  Through this traditional approach you end up where you first started, waiting and wondering if a lawyer will take your file. Through our system we have the ability to stream line the process by reaching a mutually acceptable agreement and then, immediately connecting you with locally trained collaborative family lawyers who will ensure that the agreement reached is legally binding, additionally, we will assist in filing the appropriate documents with the court to finalize matters on your behalf.  In other words, our system will take you through the entire process, from beginning to end.

So how is that different from any of the other Divorce companies available?  Well the answer is obvious in that none of those professionals have made the connection which we like to call the DSS Advantage which closes the gap in this process.  Through extensive research we have found that all of our competitors come up short when asked the question “we reached an agreement now what?”  Inevitably the answer is that you need to start over from square one and go through the tedious search of finding a lawyer.  At DSS we take the process from the start to the finish line by mediating your separation and then connecting you and your spouse with a collaboratively trained local family law lawyer.  Once connected with a local lawyer they will ensure that you have a legally binding contract and will finalize the process on your behalf.