Where do we supervise visits?

We will have your visit anywhere that is comfortable for both parents and your child. Your visit does not need to be confined to a small visitation room, we will supervise your visit in public to make your time with your child as normal as possible.
Some examples of places we have supervised visits are Eastlink center, Muskoseepi park, the movie theater, prairie mall or even Storm hockey games. If your child is interested in an activity or an event we will do what is possible to make sure we make it happen for you both.

What hours are we available for supervision?

We are available to supervise your visit 7 days a week between 7am and 11pm. We are also open during the holidays to help make sure you can spend valuable time with your child during special events.

What exactly are supervised visits?

Families that have experienced domestic violence may see incidents of abuse escalate while going through a separation. During this time, it’s imperative that children have an opportunity to maintain relationships with their non-custodial parent in a safe and protected environment.
Supervised visitation is typically ordered by the Court to ensure children’s safety when divorced or separating parents are involved in a high conflict situation. It is based on two premises:
Children do best when they have reliable, ongoing relationships with both parents; and
Children’s emotional and physical safety must always be guaranteed.
Divorce & Separation Solutions safe visitation services helps to prevent exposure to abuse during visits by the non-custodial parent. Our trained staff members ensure that the child(ren) can maintain positive interactions and relationships with their parent by supporting attachment and appropriate play. Staff share information about child development, the impact of trauma, and setting healthy boundaries. Visitations are closely supervised in a safe and comfortable environment.

Reasons to Supervise Visits

Supervised visitation may be useful in situations where the non-custodial parent:

  • is working on improving his/her parenting skills
  • may have a drug or alcohol abuse problem
  • has been abusive or has had trouble controlling anger
  • may have been away from the child for a long period of time
  • may have never spent time with the child
  • may have been involved in inappropriate sexual behavior with the child
  • struggle with emotional regulation

Who can attend?

Safe visitation services are open to any Peace Country family who have safety concerns about child custody and visitation, resulting from previous and/or current family violence. Families may voluntarily apply or be referred to us through other community agencies and services, including mental health professionals, lawyers, judges, counsellors, police, probation officers, emergency shelters, hospital staff, and Child and Family Services. These services qualify for court orders specifying “supervised visitation” or “supervised visits.”

We do not provide court assessments or take sides during custody and access issues. Our staff members act as a neutral third party whose only priority is to ensure the protection of the child(ren) we are supervising.

How can I find out more?
Please contact the safe visitation services supervisor at:
Phone: 780-259-9057
Email:  info@divorcemediationgp.com