Supervised Visits

We have designed our service in response to the growing need for families to have a safe visitation program in a more natural community setting. Our program allows for parties to have visitations with their children during non-traditional work hours such as evenings and weekends when other providers are unavailable. With our scheduling we allow parents and children to spend time together outside of school and work hours to allow the minimal amount of disruption to those important commitments, while recognizing that these are the times when families traditionally enjoy time together with activities and bonding.

In our program we will pick up your child at the custodial parent’s home and transport them to and from the visit. This eliminates any contact between parents and focuses the child’s attention on the visit.

Divorce & Separation Solutions Inc. is a locally owned and operated business that assists families who are going through a separation and/or divorce. Our staff is insured, trained, and educated in the proper methods of assisting parties through separations. We help provide a safe and comfortable environment for families who require supervised visitation.

How can I find out more?
Please contact the safe visitation services supervisor at:
Phone: 780-259-9057